How to contribute

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How to contribute

There are two ways to contribute:

👉 Using CMS system

  1. Go to admin panel or click + icon in sidebar (skip points 2. and 3. in that case).
  2. Go to Blog Articles or click Quick add at the very top of the page.
  3. Click New Blog Article.
  4. Create article by providing all required data, also upload cover.
  5. If you save article, it will be sent as PR for review to blog’s GH repository.

INFO: To add images to article, you need to upload them on Media page. Then simply add it in article ![Describe file](/img/<your-file-name>)

👉 Cloning repository

The articles’ file structure:


└── content/
    └── posts/
└── static/
    └── img/
        └── file-used-in-post.(svg|png)
  1. Clone this repository or add/edit a file directly on GitHub
  2. Use yarn add-article command to create a new structure for the post 📂
  3. Write an article in Markdown syntax and save it in created file by script, English language is preferred ✍️
  4. Put an image (post avatar) in static/img, technology icon is preferred 🖼
  5. Update the following required tags at the very top of the article 👆
title: Post title - describe the solution concisely, but informatively
subTitle: Post subtitle - optional additional description
tags: ["technology", "keyword", "some key variable"]
cover: post-avatar.jpg - technology icon is preferred
postAuthor: Your Name
  1. Create a pull request to master branch to collaborate 🙌
  2. Before merging remember to bump the article date in filename to the current date